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Action for Children - Many families are really suffering at the moment being locked in together and often struggling for food. If you would like to donate to the AfC corona virus appeal you can link to the AfC website here : Coventry Food Bank - In these most difficult times, food banks are running short of supplies. As you know, Woodside has supported the Coventry food bank for many years, but direct donations of food are not possible at the moment and monetary donations are preferable. If you would like to donate to the food bank, you can link to the website here .
Congratulations to Marjorie and Rod Davies on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary, on 31st August. Congratulations also to Bwalya and Lloyd, who were married at Woodside on 22nd August. Some photographs of the occasion can been seen here . We were delighted to be able to offer and share in their wonderful day.