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Action for Children - Many families are really suffering at the moment being once again locked in together and often struggling. If you would like to donate to the AfC corona virus appeal you can link to the AfC website here : Coventry Food Bank - In these most difficult times, food banks are running short of supplies. As you know, Woodside has supported the Coventry food bank for many years. If you would like to donate to the food bank, you can link to the website here .
“A METHODIST WAY OF LIFE” - A little card has been produced which is in the form of a checklist about the calling of a Methodist. Copies are available at the rear of the church and there is an online version here . It covers the four elements of Worship, Learning and Caring, Service and Evangelism.
OBERAMMERGAU 2022 Rev Richard Wilde is taking a party on holiday in 2022 which will include a visit to the passion play at Oberammergau which has been postponed from last year. Further information is available here .
ST ANDREW’S HOUSE St Andrew’s was severely impacted early last year by Covid but has been free from the virus since June. All residents and staff have now been vaccinated and the home is welcoming new arrivals. Read more about this wonderful institution here .