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Woodside News
Action for Children - Many families are really suffering at the moment being locked in together and often struggling for food. If you would like to donate to the AfC corona virus appeal you can link to the AfC website here : Prayers Suggestions - Some might like to suggestions for prayers to our website at this very difficult time. If you would like to send prayer suggestions for inclusion on this page, please send them to . Coventry Food Bank - In these most difficult times, food banks are running short of supplies. As you know, Woodside has supported the Coventry food bank for many years, but direct donations of food are not possible at the moment and monetary donations are preferable. If you would like to donate to the food bank, you can link to the website here .
Bible Study - Rev Stephen Willey, at the Central Hall, is running a weekly bible study group on-line on Wednesdays at 3.00pm. You can access the site by clicking here .
News from Friends - We    are    happy    to    report    that    a cheerful,   long   letter   has   been   received   from   Julie   R.   who remains    at    Hawkesbury    Lodge.       Sadly,    due    to    current restrictions   she   has   been   unable   to   see   her   husband,   family or   friends   for   8   weeks.     We   are   sure   she   would   welcome   a card,   letter   or   phone   call   to   keep   in   touch   with   us.     She   is following    the    weekly    services    but    misses    church    and Women’s Own.
Church Council - The meeting of the Church Council held on 12 May carefully considered the future needs of ministries at Woodside and approved, in principle, the Church Stewards’ proposals in respect of the need for: - a) Presbyter Ministry b) Youth and Children’s Ministry (Circuit Stream 1) c) Parish Nursing Ministry (for more information link here) It was agreed that small steering groups for areas b) and c) be formed to prepare a submission to the Circuit Leadership Team and the Circuit Meeting in June. If anyone wishes to serve on a steering group, please contact Ken Holmes (Lead Steward) as soon as possible. Methodist Women in Britain - The Connexion has issued the latest newsletter and prayers (May 2020). You can obtain these by linking to the MWiB website here .